Youth Volunteers Needed!

Shalom Counselling Centre is looking for some people to help us sort
through items for a fall garage sale. Your assistance would help us
prepare for this fundraiser, with proceeds used to subsidize
counselling for youth, adults and seniors accessing counselling for

emotional and relational challenges.

If you are able to give a few hours of your time in July or August,
please contact Bonnie Joyes at 587.877.1121 (text or phone) or

We can provide a letter of reference if requested.

Please click here for full information

Our Faith

The formation of our students’ faith is our primary goal. While this manifests itself in all that we do through our daily interactions, completion of 3 formal religious studies courses is compulsory. These courses (Religious Education (RC) 15, 25, 35 or Religions of the World) are all credited and applied toward the graduation diploma.

All students are required to take Religious Education (RC) 15 in a traditional class at Notre Dame as a graduation requirement. Students may choose to take Religious Education 25 and 35 or Religions of the World 30 in a traditional class or via St. Gabriel Online School, with Grade Administrator approval.

Service Projects

Volunteers giving food donations photo

Looking for service project ideas? Students, click here to view service project information:

Chris Padgett Presentation