Adventure Club

Join in on various outdoor and indoor adventures including rock climbing, camping, horseback riding and more. Always accepting new students!

Dates: Dec.20, Jan.13, Feb.9, Mar.9, May 11, May 31-Jun.2. See posters around school or see Mr.Unland for more details.

Contact: Mr.Unland (

Book Club

Monthly meetings to discuss student-chosen books outside of the classroom. Always accepting new students!

Dates: See Miss Stevens for more details

Contact: Miss Stevens ( and Mrs.Bell (

Design Challenge

Yearly projects to design a product that would help our community. Previous projects have included:sensory games for our Foundations class, personally designed mailboxes for Bethany CollegeSide, and an escape room to raise money for the Grad Service Project. The 2018-2019 project is TBA.

Dates: TBA

Contact: Miss Stevens ( and Mrs.Vandermeer (

Dungeons & Dragons

Weekly meetups for the role-playing game Dungeons & Dragons. Students are organized into parties where the party leader (Dungeon Master) leads them through exciting adventures in a fantastical realm. Always accepting new members!

Dates: Mondays after school in the Learning Commons

Contact: Miss Stevens (

Glee Club

Students with a passion for singing come together each week to bond through music. Learn to sing in a small choral class setting with music, choreography and fun! Always accepting new members!

Dates: Mondays at 2:30 - 3:30 and Fridays 3:30 - 4:30 in the Youth Ministry Office

Contact: Miss Jeannette (


Grad Committee

Grade 12 students come together to plan events for the graduating class of the year. Always accepting new members!

Dates: Tuesdays at lunch in the amphitheatre

Contact: Mrs.Nivens (

Grad Service Project

Yearly project to raise money for a local charity of the Grad Committee chosen. All students can form teams and participate. Activities include a week of lunchtime competitions between the team, ending with a city-wide scavenger hunt. Currently accepting new teams!

Dates: TBA

Contact: Mrs.Nivens (

The Indigenous Student Leadership Group

ISL is open to all students (indigenous and non-indigenous) . Their goal is to put reconciliation to action through philanthropy, while building up student leadership and honoring traditional ways of knowing. Always accepting new students!

Dates: Every 2 weeks on Thursdays at lunch in room 1912 (unless otherwise posted)

Contact: Ms.Tessari (


Optics is a safe and open place for all students to discuss questions, ideas and concerns regarding LGBTQIA + community, including weekly discussion topics and/or guest speakers. Always accepting new students!

Date: Every other Tuesday at lunch in room 1201.

Contact: Miss. Layden (

Radius Productions

Radius is a place for you to be with people just like yourself. To create, write and be who you are. Being a creator will end with the result of your writing, photography and visions being a part of something bigger. Radius wants you to be a part of the story. Always accepting new students!

Date: Wednesdays at lunch in 1406

Contact: Mr.Madsen ( and Mrs.Vandermeer (

Science Fair

Science Fair is for high school students is not like you imagine from elementary school. Projects could be surveys, improvements on existing products, innovations, experiments, computer programs, or anything else you might imagine. See Mr.Lemaistre for more examples and ideas. For more information check out the Central AB Rotary Science Fair Website, the Canada-Wide Science Fair Website, and a directory of projects. Currently accepting new students!

Dates: Informal meetings throughout the year in 2806 and March 2019 (official Science Fair)

Contact: Mr.Lemaistre (

Speak Out

Monthly student poetry slam held in the Learning Commons. Speak Out is hosted by students for students in a safe, open environment. Original creative writing can be submitted and presented (anonymously or not) on the day of the event. Submissions can be made to Miss Stevens. Always accepting new submissions and attendees!

Dates: Nov.27, Dec.18, Feb.19, Mar.26, Apr.23, and May 28.

Contact: Miss Stevens (

Student Council

Student Council exists to give the students the opportunity to debate issues of concern and undertake initiatives of benefit tot he school and the wider community. These could be large issues affecting the school population and planning ice cream sales to make the day a bit brighter. Always accepting new students!

Dates: Thursdays at lunch in 2505 

Contact: Mrs.Nivens ( and Mrs.Smith(

Youth Champions

A group of empowering youth leaders to promote positive and healthy relationships and resiliency within the school community. Currently not accepting new members. but look out for this group next year!

Dates: TBA

Contact: Mrs.Magill(

Youth Ministry

Youth Ministry brings students together to grow in faith and Christian leadership through events such as Alpha/Altaration discussion group, Edge Youth Nights, LifeTeen, and Prayer and Praise. For more information, check out the Youth Ministry page. Always Accepting new students!

Dates: See Youth Ministry page for details

Contact:Miss Jeannette (


Do you have something you're passionate about and you'd like to start a club for?? Talk to your teachers or your grade administrator for pending approval!