Moose Meadows Fun Run

  • Congrats to NDHS HHHS LTCHS & RDC runners who came out to out 1st Moose Meadows Fun Run. 
  • We walked a 2.2 km loop & 1.5 km loop for a 4 km & 6 km run this morning. 
  • Congrats to Carson Schiller who was bested by an RDC student by mere seconds. 
  • We were joined by Brian Johnson & his 7 HHHS runners, 2 LTCHS runners and 7 RDC runners along with coach Kari Elliot.

Thanks to Brian Johnson for driving the bus.

Excellent runs by: Brady & Logan Davey, Kamryn Henderson, Jairus Maranga, Hannah & Matt Noyes, Luke Panteluk, Ben Pelletier, Connor Poole, Wyatt Reefhuis, Carson Schiller, Justin Valentine and Brenick Wood.

Cougar Runners do well at X-Country Zones

41 ND kids went to Zones today (Wetaskiwin) where 16 earned spots at Provincials on Oct 15th in Cochrane, AB.
Please recognize our Provincials Bound Athletes & our many fine athletes

3K Junior Women - 53 runners: Bailey, Anna (8th) Simoneau, Lexie (21st and is an alternate) Adams, Isabel (49th), Nwosu, Heidi (50th), Pelletier, Morgan (36th), Simenson, Sydney (40th)

4K Intermediate Women - 42 runners: Currie, Alison (18th)

4K Senior Women - 40 runners: Brunner, Leah (8th), Henderson, Kamryn (3rd), Masters, Kaycee (32nd); Murdoch, Camryn (24th)Noyes, Hannah (30th)

4K Junior Men's - 73 runners: Davey, Brady (18th), Jansen, Zack (11th), Porter, Brett (7th), Valentine, Justin (13th)Berridge, Alex (21st), Desilets, Eric (45th), Noyes, Matt (24th), Omelyanchuk, Illya (25th), Santos, Emmanuel (59th)

5K Intermediate Men's - 64 runners: Moline, Ty (14th), Ramratten, Alex (11th), Reefhuis, Wyatt (12th), Schiller, Carson (8th), Cerkowniak, Anthony (34th), Fugere, Gabe (50th), Gagalac, Neil (43rd), Panteluk, Luke (50th), Wood, Brenick (49th), Woytas, Riley (42nd)

6K Senior Men's - 61 runners: Davey, Logan (7th), Guthrie, Adam (4th), Pelletier, Ben (15th), Poole, Connor (5th), Gagalac, Nolan (20th), Johnson, Kieran (33rd), Murray, Dylan (25th), Palma, Carlos (29th), Sandquist, Brayden (31st), Smith, Shelby (24th)

École Secondaire Notre Dame High School won the X-Country won it's first Zone Aggregate Award in our 20-year history. We have yet another plaque to hang in our Trophy Case.

Upcoming Events

  •  Provincials (Oct 14-15 in Cochrane) for qualifiers.

X-Country Concludes with success

Megan St Croix-Boulanger & I are so proud of our 50 registered athletes who participated with this season's Cross Country Club.

Six weeks of 6:45 a.m. Monday & Wednesday practice, 4 Meets, Zones & Provincials comprised our season.

16 of our athletes earned provincials. Our team had shown very well, in fact, the best our Team has done in the 20 yrs of NDHS history.



Please congratulate our Provincial Representatives when you see them:

Adam Gutherie            Connor Poole
Alexander Ramrattan   
Kamryn Henderson  
Alison Currie                Leah Brunner  
Anna Bailey                  Ty Moline
Ben Pelletier                
Wyatt Reffhuis
Brady Davey                 Zack Jansen
Brett Porter                  Carson Schiller 
Justin Valentine     Logan Davey

Provincial 4A Results: 

1 William Aberhart 4A Calgary     2129.0448 pts

2 Strathcona 4A EDM                  1932.9399 pts

3 Lindsay Thurber 4A Central   1132.2443 pts

 4 Lacombe Comp 4A Central      1091.1596 pts

5 Bishop Carroll 4A Calgary         1051.0772 pts

6 Western Canada 4A Calgary      903.5046 pts

7 Harry Ainlay 4A EDM                 875.2540 pts

8 Notre Dame 4A Central          868.9054 pts

9 Hunting Hills 4A Central        766.3955 pts

10 Dr. Ep Scarlett 4A Calgary       751.6080 pts

50 Archbishop Jordan 4A EDM  1.4400 pts