RDC Grand Prix

ND X-Country was well represented at the RDC Grand Prix Race on Sat Sept 30th
Results are as follows:

Jr Girls 3k (24 runners) Winning time (14:17)

Selena Delahunty 9th (17:00)

Anna Lamoureux 12th (18:08)

Kayla Cervantes 16th (20:14)

Bryanna LeBlanc 17th (20:34)
Jr  Boys 4k (22 runners) Winning time (14:15)

Mika Eggink 5th (15:29)

Nolan Jackson 7th (16:19)

Zack Jansen 13th (17:51)

Mateo Perich 15th (18:02)

Lucas Proteau 20th (22:01)

Intermediate Girls 4k (22 runners) Winning time (17:51)

Heidi Nwosu 20th (29:20)

Sr  Boys 6k (24 runners) Winning time (22:28)

Carson Schiller 7th (24:39)

Wyatt Reefhuis 8th (24:58)

Alex Ramrattan 17th (30:24)

Joaquin Fernandez 20th (32:44)

Kieran Johnston 21st (33:06)

Brayden Sandquist 22nd (33:30)

Emmanuel Santos 24th on a 1st degree ankle sprain (36:34)

Beautiful conditions on a very challenging course today. The kids left all they had on the race course. I am very proud of each of them. 
Zones is coming up.