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Assessing student learning is an ongoing cycle of gathering, interpreting, and responding to student work. Assessment is used to inform the next steps in learning and to evaluate student knowledge and understanding in relationship to the learner outcomes.

Outcomes are statements that describe what students are expected to know and what they are expected to do. By reporting outcomes from the Alberta Program of Studies, it is easy to determine specific strengths and weaknesses in student achievement and to target areas for improvement or enhanced learning. Outcome-based reporting is aligned with the Program of Studies to provide meaningful information regarding what a student knows and is able to do.

Outcomes-based reporting at Ecole Secondaire Notre Dame High School is when student learning is assessed and understood relative to an outcome, and communicated using an achievement indicator. Outcomes-based reporting provides clear descriptions of how well your child demonstrates the key skills, knowledge and attitudes identified in each course.

The diagram below shows how we communicate student learning through PowerSchool.  Within the PowerSchool portal, when students/parents select the “GRADES” tab followed by the “STANDARDS” tab, students and parents will be able to observe a percentage score relative to the specific outcomes that make up their overall mark in a subject.

How can this be used?  For students and parents, it shows students specifically what areas they are doing well in, and what areas they need to continue to focus on.  When students prepare for assessments, they often ask; “What should I study?”  When students examine the Standards tab, they are able to determine which outcomes they need to focus on, thus using their time effectively.  The example below illustrates that the student should focus their efforts on improving RF1. Factor polynomial expressions as they are currently sitting at 50% in this standard.

Student Assessment


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